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Did you know that participating in the martial arts can significantly improve your child’s life?  

We have watched so many of our students grow into confident, respectful and respectable young people who set and surpass academic, health and personal goals.  Why? The martial arts are about conditioning not just the body; but the heart, the mind and emotions.

Our Kids Karate Program caters to kids as early as age 4; and whether or not they have martial arts experience is not important.  That is what we are here for!  Lou Casamassa’s Red Dragon Karate program will sharpen physical conditioning, provide some basic self-defense training, and encourage critical and logical thinking.  We do it a way that is enjoyable and pleasurable and so not boring.  

Our children’s program is designed so that they get the same well-formed physical training as adults, including:

  • conditioning,
  • aerobics,
  • protective defense moves
  • and more

 Plus you will notice marked changes in their character, confidence and integrity which will translate into:

  • heightened self-esteem
  • a decreased desire to fall prey to peer pressure
  • a confidence and desire to surpass goals
  • a determination to shatter limitations 
  • decreasing behavioral problems
  • improved grades
  • a better attitude

Lou Casamassa’s Red Dragon Karate marries the need for growing bodies to have effective conditioning; with kids desire to just have a rollicking good time.  We do it rather successfully (if we do say so ourselves); so our kids’ classes help students achieve significant physical goals in an environment where fun AND SAFETY lead the way.

Yes safety is on our mind. After all martial arts and karate are high contact and combat sports.  Our professional staff is trained to work with young bodies in a manner that safely stretches muscles without promoting injuries.  Our martial arts teachers are actually educators and they realize that their primary goal is to teach, encourage and support the children in our programs.

Class sizes are coordinated according to age group and experience; this means that children learn in class with their peers, lessening the desire to compete or live up to what they see more experienced students doing.  

Need a Little Help Making a Decision?

Your kids deserve a safe and fun place to learn self-defense, and Lou Casamassa’s Red Dragon Karate is the perfect place.  We additionally offer the following workshops to help teach your kids to protect themselves and think better:

  • Bully Proof Workshop
  • Kids Safety Workshop
  • Karate for Concentration Workshop.

Why not stop by and allow us to show you and your child around the academy. While you’re visiting you can enroll in our FREE TRIAL PROGRAM. Give us a call and let the fun begin -760-776-7522.


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